By Emma Sanders

Football fans are claiming Celtic are destroying Scottish football with a playing budget that rivals can’t match, according to comments in the Daily Record’s SportsHotline.

Celtic stretched their commanding lead at the top of the Scottish Premiership with a 1-0 victory against Aberdeen on Saturday.

Aberdeen sat in second place prior to their defeat on Saturday but Rangers now hold the spot after securing a comfortable 3-0 victory against Kilmarnock.

Celtic are now nine points clear at the top of the table, with Aberdeen ten points behind in fourth place.

Comments sent in to Daily Record reporter Craig Swan highlighted Scottish fan fears that Celtic could run away with the league title due to a lack of competition from the rest of the division.

“It must be so satisfying to overpay average players 30 times more than their hard-working opponents and win a one-horse race, well done,” Scottish fan Mark Lester said.

A Rangers fan claimed Scottish football officials need to do more to prevent Celtic spending too much money on players’ wages to allow for a level playing field.

“The SPFL should handicap Celtic as they are going to win the race for the title by a mile. It’s not funny,” said Tom McDade.

“Scottish football is now a joke,” he added.

George Wilson had the same thoughts saying, “Barring miracles, the national team is out of the World Cup, Celtic have already won the league, every Scottish team including Celtic have no further competitive interest in Europe, all before the end of October.

“The only interest in the New year will be to see if Rangers can finish second and also win the Scottish Cup to prevent Celtic winning the Treble because Aberdeen and the rest aren’t capable of doing it.”

Celtic are still on for the treble after they defeated Rangers in the semi-final of the League Cup last weekend.

If they win the Scottish Premiership, as expected, they could claim even more silverware by winning the Scottish Cup too.

In other Celtic news, Chris Sutton gave his Twitter verdict on the team’s victory against Aberdeen on Saturday.