Fantasy football betting

The new season of Premier League football is now well underway here in the UK and every season sees millions more people choosing to take up betting on fantasy football and try to do better than all the other players – often including work colleagues, friends and family – and claim the top spot. Fantasy football, which sees you get points in fictional leagues based on the performances of players you choose from real-world football, offers great chances to win money or prizes and this piece will show you the best games available.

Fantasy Premier League

As you might gather from the name, this particular fantasy football game is all about Premier League football, making it ideal for those who follow the domestic game avidly. Each participant gets to put together a squad of fifteen players, with a transfer budget totalling £100 million at their disposal. Furthermore, signing up to play this game is completely free and just requires you to set up an account at the official Premier League website, while the prizes on offer include a gaming console and copy of FIFA, VIP trips to two matches of your choice next season and a Nike manager jacket. You win points based on how the players you pick each week perform and there are tips and articles from the Scout to help you.

The Sun Dream Team

This lets you build teams to compete domestically and in European competitions like the Champions League, and can be signed up to via the website or by downloading the mobile app. Again it can be played for free. You can set up as many teams as you want, with WhoScored? providing the ratings on player performance that decide your points tally. Furthermore, the prize for winning the Dream Team league is now an impressive £250,000. You have the option of three transfers per month, with fantasy world prices changing based on real-world performance, and you select seven players per team each week.

Sky Fantasy Football

The Sky Fantasy Football game offers the chance to win £25,000 and sees you try to outthink your opponents tactically. Another free game it involves choosing from six playing formations and using the £11 million budget to put together a suitable team, after registering. You have to select a captain, who is worth double points to you, and he must be picked ahead of Match Day. Choose carefully as the double points thing works in the negative, as well as the positive. You can also play with two teams – three as of January – if you struggle to narrow down your choice of players.

Telegraph Fantasy Football

Finally this game also sees you put together virtual teams and score points based on how the players do in the real world of the Premier League. You can download the free app or play via the Telegraph website and there is a stats centre available to help you with your team building. The top prize is an impressive £100,000, but there are also 215 other prizes available. Furthermore, the Telegraph is also now offering an elite leagues game that is pay-to-play.

Why not give one of these games a go and see if you can do better than your team’s actual manager.