Football teams getting sponsored by gaming companies

Have you heard the news? Premier League football clubs are now being sponsored by more gaming companies than ever. This is largely a result of this football clubs inability to acquire and maintain the interest of many of the big-name brands like Reebok, and Dr. Martens.

As of right now, there are about 10 online gaming companies that are sponsoring Premier League teams, like Bet365 and Stoke City, and Watford, and TLCBet and West Brom. These online gaming companies are replacing many popular household consumer brands that were previously seen on some of the shirts of many Premier League teams.

But, why is this happening? After all, football is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. How are the football clubs unable to please the big consumer brands?

Anthony Marcou, an expert in the sports sponsorship industry, believes that this Exodus is a result of the big brands not receiving the commercial returns that they are looking for. Consequently, these big companies are ditching football clubs and removing them from their brand building and marketing campaigns.

The hole left by the departure of the major brands presented a wonderful opportunity for gaming companies. A sponsorship would provide them with more exposure to sports fans all over the world, many of which who love to gamble on their favorite teams as a way to add more excitement to their regular gameplay.