By Emma Sanders

A Liverpool fan suffering with bipolar disorder found peace after working for a project which stemmed from Everton Football club.

In an interview with Merseyside writer Tony Barrett, formerly of the Times, Colin Dolan spoke of how the Goodison club has saved his life.

The piece, which featured on the lifestyle website Joe explains how Dolan accepted he needed help and his partner suggested he get involved in a local programme built around his love for football.

Dolan was a big Liverpool supporter but took part in the football project with Everton despite his initial reservations.

Everton In The Community is a popular programme set-up by the club to offer support to those in need.

It’s continually earned praise from around the UK and Everton Football Club pride themselves on the programme’s generosity.

Being a Liverpool fan, it didn’t appeal to Dolan at first but after experiencing the programme first hand, the mental health sufferer claims it was a decision which changed his life.

“If it wasn’t for Everton In The Community, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have survived another episode, it’s that simple,” said Dolan.

“I’ve been depressed at times since I started the programme and I expect it will happen to me again but I can cope with it now because of the football and it all goes back to my partner encouraging me to get involved.

“My immediate reaction was that I certainly didn’t want to go to Everton! Liverpool have always been my English team.

“My first thought was to go and find out whether Liverpool had something like that because I’d rather go there.

“They didn’t offer the same service though so I went to Everton and the connection was just instant.

“All of those nasty, dark feelings were gone instantly. I was having a good laugh with the lads and after I left I could still feel the buzz.”

In other Everton news, Manchester City regular is expected to miss the clash with the Toffees side due to an injury picked up in the international break.