Guess who!? Manchester United duo pose mysterious sandal challenge for fans

By Alex Taylor

Manchester United were very very boring on Monday night.

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Jose Mourinho parked his bus, and nothing was going to move it.

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Juan Mata has become a prankster at Old Trafford

It’s good news then that there is still some life in United’s dressing room.

Juan Mata and Ashley Young have become quite the pranksters after their side’s trip to Anfield.

The duo left a teaser for Red Devil fans after discovering one first-team star wearing an embarrassing pair of white sandals.

Mata and Young both took to Instagram to ask their fans to guess the culprit with most supporters suggesting either Eric Bailly or Paul Pogba.


Young and Mata mocked the footwear on Instagram

Fans will have to wait for the big reveal to find out who was caught sporting the shocking shoes but I’m sure it won’t be long until we find out!

There have been some pretty shocking wardrobe malfunctions over the years in Manchester but this could now be the worst of the lot!

We certainly wouldn’t have been caught dead in them.

The pair are good jokers off the pitch but seem like pretty nice guys too, check out Mata meeting a disabled boy this season:

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In other football news, Paul Scholes has stated that if he was to bet on Liverpool against Manchester United then he would side with his former club’s fiercest rivals.