Italian fans plan to rewrite this 80’s classic in latest chant for axed European star

By Alex Taylor

Turns out Torino supporters are fans of classic 1980’s music, who knew? Well if you’re England goalkeeper Joe Hart you may be about to find out!

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The 29-year-old was in good form for his country on Tuesday but could get a bit of a shock when he fly’s back to Italy to rejoin his club.

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Apparently, Torino fans have already fallen in love with their new keeper and are now working on a special chant for Hart, based on a Madness song.

Supporters have suggested a rewrite of the track ‘Our House’ in an online forum that could be about to reach a stadium near you! …or perhaps not.

Here’s the original as a reminder or in case you are so young you’ve never heard it before!

The new version will have the more cynical among you raising your eyebrows as the classic lyrics ‘our house, in the middle of our street’ are changed to ‘our Hart, in the middle of our box’.

Whatever you think of the song it’s pretty clear Hart is well loved at his new club, something that certainly couldn’t be said under Pep Guardiola at City.

The stopper has even been studying Italian to help him communicate better with his new teammates. 

Remember the time Joey Barton did that French accent in a press conference? The cringe may never end!

Hart, though, is not letting England fans forget his goalkeeping prowess and after Tuesday’s stunning display will look to continue as the Three Lions number one goalkeeper for many years to come.

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