By Coral Barry

The protest group Time to Go, Massimo has distanced itself from the video that showed four Premier stars urging Massimo Cellino to depart Leeds.

Tottenham pair Dele Alli and Harry Kane, and Arsenal duo Jack Wilshere and Mesut Ozil each appeared in a clip that went viral on Wednesday night saying the words “time to go, Massimo.”

The four players are clearly heard saying the phrase that has become the mantra of the growing anti-Cellino protestors, but the group that coined the term have moved to dismiss claims they were involved after Alli and Kane insisted it was a hoax.

The protest group released a statement on their Twitter account admitting tha,t although they found the clip amusing, they could not take credit for the stunt that has proven to be a hoax.

The original video was posted to @WhitesLeedsSite late on Wednesday night.

The Tottenham duo both used their personal Twitter accounts to dismiss claims they were willing participants in the video, although they did not explain how they were tricked into saying the phrase on camera.

Alli’s camp also told the Sun that it was likely his fellow footballers in the clip were also duped into contributing.

Before reading the below tweets, keep in mind the two would probably have consulted the same Spurs media officer.

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