Radio DJ caught in Snapchat controversy with Manchester United legend

By Alex Taylor

Manchester United star Ryan Giggs has dismissed Snapchat after posing for funny photos with radio presenter Polly James.

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The breakfast show host pleaded with Giggs to be part of her selfie-video before adding deer filters to the pairs faces.

Polly James

The United legend turned away in frustration at the gimmick after originally refusing to take part.

The former winger appeared as a guest on Capital South Wales before watching Wales draw 1-1 with Georgia on Monday night.

Polly has been known for causing a stir on Snapchat after revealing cheeky images to her fans in the past.

Despite winning everything there is to win in football, technology is perhaps not Giggs’ strong point.

It seems likely that we won’t see him again on Snapchat for some time after that! Then again, maybe he just hates deers?

Scroll down to watch the video.

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