By Harvey Byrne

Rodney Marsh has named Tottenham attacking midfielder Dele Alli as the ‘best diver of the year.’

The former England international shared his personal 2016 awards on his Twitter account on Friday afternoon.

This prompted one fan to ask Marsh who the best diver of the year was, to which the retired forward replied with Alli.

The 20-year-old England international brought a lot of criticism upon himself in December after he was adjudged to have dived in the box during the 5-0 victory over Swansea.

The referee at the time Jonathan Moss did not spot the dive and awarded the north London outfit with their sixth spot-kick in just eight games.

The decision proved to be a crucial one with the scoreline standing at 0-0 before Harry Kane converted the penalty after 39 minutes.

It has long been thought that Alli is one of England’s brightest young players at the moment.

However, he is not without his faults and his disciplinary record accompanied by his theatrics could see his reputation plunder.

The attacker has also struggled to replicate last season’s high performances this season from the last campaign with just five goals and four assists from 22 appearances.

He will now be keen to keep his head down and avoid negativity, while helping Spurs in their chase for the top four.

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