By Harvey Byrne

Stan Collymore has revealed that Jack Grealish must “become boring” if he is to reach his full potential at Aston Villa.

The 21-year-old bright prospect was caught up in more controversy after the Daily Mail revealed that he was at a party on Saturday night, which contained nitrous oxide.

The party followed Aston Villa’s 0-0 draw with Ipswich and it is said to have lasted until 7:45am the next day at a hotel in Birmingham.

This has once again caused outrage among many, while former Villa man Collymore has offered the youngster some advice.

“He needs to be like Michael Owen when he broke onto the scene at 17, 18,” told Collymore to BBC Radio 5 Live. “Go back home, do the boring stuff, have a game of snooker, have a coffee, play a PS4 game and become boring.

“If you go down the other route, then you become a target and get a reputation and it becomes very difficult to discharge your responsibilities as a professional footballer.

“Doing that at one of the biggest clubs in the country, in a city that is huge with lots of eyes on him as the young next big thing at Aston Villa, I’d imagine he doesn’t feel too great today.

“It’s not my role to judge him or pass judgement as I’ve made plenty of mistakes myself, but what I do worry is in football generally is that where are the mentors, where are the people in the dressing rooms, where are the player liaison officers that are supposed to be guiding not just famous footballers, but impressionable young people.”

Grealish made his debut for Aston Villa in 2014 and he has been tipped for big things at Villa Park.

However, former manager Tim Sherwood warned the young winger to grow up, while Remi Garde dropped him to the youth team after similar incidents.

Many fans are now hoping that Grealish doesn’t follow the likes of Lee Hendrie, Luke Moore and Gabby Agbonlahor, who were all tipped for big fans at Villa, but failed to reach their potential for various reasons.

In other Aston Villa team news, Fans have likened Grealish to troubled footballer Ravel Morrison on Twitter.