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The new Anfield boss will have the final say on recruitment, oozes charisma and other things we learned from Jurgen Klopp’s first press conference

Most captivating managerial unveiling since Mourinho

This was the most dramatic managerial unveiling since Jose Mourinho held his first Chelsea press conference in 2004 and declared himself the ‘special one.’ By comparison, Jurgen Klopp was humble in proclaiming himself the ‘normal one’. But there was nothing typical about the German’s first media outing as a Liverpool employee. He was articulate, authoritative and honest, as many managers are at their introductory press conference. Even Roy Hodgson gave a few decent soundbites. But Klopp gave his audience far more. He oozed charisma with his one-liners, strength of personality and dazzling white teeth. He even threw a few jokey jabs at the British media. It was a sensational first outing.

Klopp will have the first and final say on transfers

Liverpool’s American owners would have been nodding their heads in approval as Klopp dismissed the idea that the transfer committee could be a hindrance to him. Nonsense, he said. His recruitment colleagues could only help him make the correct decision. Although the new manager made it clear that the final say on players will always rest with him. “Nobody will sell a player I want to work with. Nobody will do a transfer without my ‘yes’. For me it’s enough that I have the first and the last word. In the middle we can discuss everything. The transfer committee was not a problem for me, not even for 10 seconds.”

The title will return if given time

Intially, Klopp played down expectations when asked a Premier League title push. “We have to start together new and we’ll see,” he explained. “Please give us time.” Fair enough. But the confidence in his ability was explicit moments later. “When I sit here in four years’ time, I think we want at least one title.”

Handover: Jurgen Klopp has replaced Brendan Rodgers as Liverpool boss

Handover: Jurgen Klopp has replaced Brendan Rodgers as Liverpool boss

The world’s most entertaining league has got more entertaining

No more boring Friday afternoon press conferences, talk of character and other middle management tedium. Flashing that famous grin, Klopp made it clear that he does not like to repeat himself and aims to keep his public pronouncements interesting. It may take a while, but he’s bought himself plenty of time to get it right after this charismatic opening. Reporters can expect to have their notebooks filled.