Top 5 Transfers of 2016

There’s been a lot of transfer money exchanging hands this year as most major clubs didn’t save any expenses to bring top talent to their line-up. Whether those moves will turn out to be a sound investment we are still to see, but considering the money spent and the reputation of the clubs and players themselves we can say for certain that there will be some good changes this season.

And since transfer news are the only form of entertainment we can find until the season kicks off and we go back to watching and betting football again, apart from trying to keep the fever alive by burning some dineros on those fast payout UK online casinos, let’s get another dose of our football fix by taking a look at the best football transfers for 2016.

N’Golo Kante (€32m) – Leicester City to Chelsea


After a disappointing season, Conte was set on never repeating the failure again and went on an almost literal hunt to bring Kante into his team. In a time where Chelsea’s defense couldn’t be given any compliments, Kante looks like an excellent choice to bring some new force into the team and fortify a weakened midfield. He’s fast, quick to respond, and works well when the pressure is high, which are midfield qualities that Chelsea have missed for a while, ever since Matic started drifting away into a sea of underperformance. Now with Kante making up for the central spine and the new transfers coming in, we are definitely going to see some changes in Chelsea this year.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan (€26.3m) – Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United

All right, Ibrahimovic might have been Mourinho’s star during the summer season, but since he is a free agent it is Mkhitaryan who deserves a place on the best transfer list. As soon as he took over, Mourinho set out to return United back to form and Mkhitaryan definitely makes for a great addition to the new philosophy in the team. He has what every midfielder should have – a sharp eye for trouble, fast response and reaction, a mean assist score, and two well-performing feet that give his opponents immense migraines. All this, combined with his ever-increasing tactical intelligence, makes Mkhitaryan one of the best transfers so far.

Milalem Pianic (€32m) – Roma to Juventus

Pianic was the first transfer for Juventus this season and looking at the team’s current needs they couldn’t have possibly made a better match for their midfielder’s role. The Bosnian player’s excellent technique, bold dribbling and incredible tactical intelligence will perfectly fit in Allegri’s new philosophy, and it looks that under his guidance we will see Pianic blossom into an even better universal midfielder than he already is. And when you add his utter dedication to training and perfecting free-kicks to the equation, it seems that Milalem will be swarmed by even more offers by the time his contract ends.

Granit Xhaka (£30m) – Borussia Monchengladbach to Arsenal


When the rumors hit about Wenger eyeing Xhaka, Arsenal fans were thrilled to hear the club bringing in some new blood to the midfield. Xhaka is a great addition to the team because he brings some of the force the midfield has been lacking the past seasons. He is quick to start an attack, has great instincts, excellent passes, and his left foot serves him impeccably in bursting through blocks and arriving at the other end of the front looking for a shot. And with the new additions Wenger has in mind, it looks that Arsenal made a smart move when they set out for Xhaka.

Sadio Mane (£34m) – Southampton to Liverpool

After chasing him for a couple of years, Klopp finally got Mane’s signature on one of the most expensive contracts Liverpool has ever made. Still, Klopp’s obsession with the player proved to be well-founded as he immediately showed he was worth the money during his first fixtures. Mane’s forte is his intense pressing, which coupled with his speed, stamina, and his aptitude in working both sides makes him a great addition to Liverpool. With the current line-up, Mane makes a perfect final piece of Liverpool’s attacking midfield puzzle and one of the best transfers so far.