WATCH as Bayern Munich coach spots latest world-class talent on the streets!

By Alex Taylor

Every kid always dreams of being scouted!

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And Bayern Munich coach Paul Clement knows a thing or two about spotting who’s got what it takes to play at the very top.

Arjen Robben, Bayern Munich

Skills even Bayern Munich star Arjen Robben would have been proud of!

But I bet even he was surprised to discover the latest freestyle sensation… on the streets of Munich!

Clement was taking a stroll through his local city when he bumped into this ball control artist in the Marienplatz shopping district of Munich, check out his skills:

Crowds soon gathered to watch the street performer strut his stuff.

Unfortunately this lad’s skill may have come too late, he looks a little too old to join Munich’s academy side now!

The freestyler rather aptly wore a Corinthians shirt in the video! (That’s where Roberto Carlos and Rivaldo came from).

Turns out if you’re in the right place at the right time, someone may just appreciate your skills!

See how Clement become a coach below:

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