WATCH as BT Sport pundits fight like children over axed Rangers ace Joey Barton

By Alex Taylor

Joey Barton is a pretty controversial character.

Whether you think he’s a violent thug or an intellectual mastermind, it’s clear that everyone has an opinion on the former Newcastle star.

Joey Barton

Joey Barton on display for Rangers

That being said, it’s not just fans who hold strong views on Barton, it’s pundits too.  

Check out this clip from BT Sport below:

Yeah, even these lot are bickering like children about the former Queens Park Rangers midfielder!

Poor old Joey is currently suspended from current club Rangers following his latest bust-up.

Barton is now waiting on the Scottish outfit to make a permanent decision on his future.

We reckon Barton could play for Rangers again, but only if he sorts out his bad behaviour once and for all.

If you’ve forgotten what Barton is like when he gets angry, check out the clip below:

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