WATCH as eight-year-old Jack receives heart-warming visit from footballing superstar

By Alex Taylor

Footballers have got a pretty bad reputation at the moment.

Sleeping around, faking injuries, getting other players sent off – they’re not the nicest bunch of people at times.

Tom Cairney

Tom Cairney celebrates for Fulham

So when a kind footballer turns up on your doorstep it can have quite an effect.

And that’s exactly what happened to this young fan when he met Fulham star and idol Tom Cairney!

The poor lad even made Cairney’s mum cry, check it out below:

If you’re not up to date on this story – allow me to help you catch up.

Young fan Jack sent a letter to Cairney, which included £3 of his own pocket money, offering advice on what he should do to be good at football.

Apparently the letter went down brilliantly and touched of a lot of people’s hearts at the club.

It was was posted by the Fulham star to his Twitter account and soon went viral! With supporters sharing and re-tweeting Jack’s note.

Whatever you think of modern day stars, this is a heart-warming little video!

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