WATCH as England chief delivers defiant message to anti-poppy FIFA bosses

By Alex Taylor

England and Scotland plan to defy FIFA and wear the poppy for Armistice day on a black armband.

The move will be in direct contravention of FIFA’s ruling in regards to the promotion of political messages on kits.


England plan to wear to poppy on a black armband

FIFA prohibit messages they perceive as “commercial, personal, political or religious” being displayed on kits, but both England and Scotland plan to defy footballs governing body by wearing the symbol.

Check out what FA’s chief executive Martin Glenn said on the issue here:

We reckon England are completely right to ignore FIFA on this one.

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Our best players should be honoring those who have passed away in battle, especially on Armistice day!

Who cares if they dock us points or fine the FA…some things are bigger than football.

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