WATCH as kids chant foul-mouthed anti-Spurs song mid-way through exams!

By Alex Taylor

Arsenal and Tottenham have never really got along.

The two teams are bitter north London rivals and the animosity doesn’t end in the stands.

White hot: Harry Kane is the star graduate of Spurs' academy

White hot: Harry Kane is the star graduate of Spurs’ academy

You might be used to seeing kids argue over who supports the best team on the school playground, but what about in the exam hall?

Well that’s exactly what’s been happening at one school as a group of Arsenal fans sang the classic anti-spurs song ‘what do you think of Tottenham’ during a test!

Check this out:

It’s crazy that they’re allowed to do this and get away with it!

We reckon these kids should be forced to write out ‘I must not sing funny football songs during my exam’ 100 times over!

That’d teach them…

If you’ve forgotten just how much these two clubs don’t like each other, have a look at Tottenham fans welcoming Arsenal supporters to White Hart Lane last season:

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