WATCH as Liverpool legend admits watching this clip to motivate England ahead of Scotland clash

By Alex Taylor

Believe it or not, there was a time when England were good at football.

No we’re serious! We won a World Cup and everything…


Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson

Back in the day we had some pretty incredible players. Bobby Charlton, David Beckham and of course Paul Gascoigne ruled the roost in their respective era’s.

The stars back then were proper footballers, not the nonsense lightweights we put up with these days.

The oldies were so good in fact that the current crop of England stars look to them for motivation.

Check this out:

We reckon it’s good that Hendo is taking a leaf out of Gazza’s book – the former Spurs ace might be one of the best footballers we’ve ever had.

Let’s just hope watching all these videos works and we can beat the Scots tonight!

To remind yourself of THAT Gazza goal against Scotland, have a look below:

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