WATCH as Manchester United legend attacks women for looking like a ‘chickens arse’ in latest social media rant

By Alex Taylor

Patrice Evra is not someone you would necessarily describe as normal…

The former Manchester United star loves to laugh and joke about in the strangest of ways.

Patrice Evra

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra

The French left-back loves dressing up, singing songs and dancing, and then sharing it all on Instagram!

But now the Juventus ace has found a new way to pass the time…

Check this out:

Picture1: I had a dream that one day all the woman in the world would stop taking that kind of picture because they look fake Picture 2: They want to have the perfect lips the perfect smile but no… ? Picture 3: Oh lord… this is the one that makes me lose my mind … this pout looks like a tight chicken arse and I’m really afraid the nose will get stuck to the lips. ? Picture 4: They always try to show their best contoured side because maybe their other side they have a dumbo ear? ? ? Picture 5: This one is when the naughty side come and and they think they look sexy but actually I can see they are in pain because they are biting their tongue ? Picture 6: The last picture now I am angry ? because I do not love this game!!! And I had a dream that one day all the woman ??? in the world will start to take normal pictures and the world will be a better place and I WILL LOVE THIS GAME!!!! hahahahaha#lips

A video posted by Patrice Evra (@patrice.evra) on

Yep, that’s right! Pat has now started having a go at all the girls out there who love to pout and pose when taking a selfie.

He even says they look like a chickens arse!

We thought this video was hilarious, great banter.

Check out what Evra did for Halloween below:

Chucky wishes you a happy Halloween??? i LOVE THIS game hahaahahah ???#halloween#crazy

A video posted by Patrice Evra (@patrice.evra) on

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