WATCH as Mark Warburton makes subtle dig at axed Rangers midfielder Joey Barton

By Alex Taylor

Joey Barton doesn’t do things the easy way.

He could have gone to Rangers, played football for a few years, made some money and then retired.

Joey Barton has been a revelation for high flying Burnley

Joey Barton on display for Burnley

Unfortunately for Rangers fans, that’s just not how he likes to operate.

Instead, the feisty midfield general decided to start another punch up and get himself banned.


Barton had crunch talks with manager Mark Warburton this week to decide his future and now his manager has taken a swipe at Joey live on BT Sport.

Watch how Warburton dismisses “short term options” and reaffirms the club’s need for “strong foundations” in the interview below.

Basically claiming to want everything that Joey Barton isn’t!

Check this out.

As if things weren’t tense enough already!

We reckon Barton could still return to play for Rangers once he sorts his head out.

But only time will tell…

So see what Joey can do when he’s allowed onto the pitch, have a look at this:

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