WATCH as mascot becomes TV sensation after nailing the dab before huge Champions League clash

By Alex Taylor

People tend to do the craziest things to get on television these days.

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And this young boy was ready for his moment in the limelight!

The youngster waited for the camera to come across in-front of him before nailing a dab!

Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard made the dance-move famous after using it to celebrate after they scored a goal.

But now the dab is sweeping the nation!

Check out the video of the boy’s exploits below (and the ‘savage’ commentary provided):

The Manchester City and Barcelona stars were mentally preparing themselves for a huge Champions League fixture.

All the while this little scamp had dabbing on his mind!

It’s a brilliant moment, and even if Barca defender Samuel Umtiti seems less than impressed.

We love it!

To see the dab in action! Check out this tasty little video:

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