WATCH as Paul Scholes reveals how Manchester United can win their next game after shocking Europa League loss

By Alex Taylor

Paul Scholes was quiet as a mouse during his playing days.

He hated doing interviews and would run a mile from any camera that was thrust in his face.

Paul Scholes has been one of Manchester United's leading critics this season

Scholes was media-shy as a player before turning to punditry

Now though, things have changed.

The former Manchester United and England midfielder isn’t afraid to tell it how it is live on television.

And this week his old team were the subject of his wrath!

Check this out:

That’s right! He thinks United are so bad they have to score three goals to win a game.


We know United have struggled this season but this is a bit harsh isn’t it?

Scholes’ comments come after Mourinho’s side were beaten 2-1 by Fenerbahce this week, following a 0-0 draw at home to Burnley last weekend.

To see Jose’s comments after the game, have a look at this

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