WATCH as Roma boss caught in headbutt controversy with journalist

By Alex Taylor

Managers have a pretty tough job.

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They have to plan and research their opposition, deal with moaning players and injuries and shout and scream for 90 minutes through a match.

All before getting grilled by the press for situations often outside of their control.


Luciano Spalletti loses his head in press conference

So it’s no wonder that managers sometimes lose their cool.

From Jose Mourinho to Jurgen Klopp – the top bosses all tend to kick-off once in a while, but rarely do they take it this far…

Have a look at this clip from Roma manager Luciano Spalletti.

Clearly he’s not too happy, and the most surprising thing? This all came after a 4-1 WIN against Palermo.

Here’s what went down.

One reporter asks: “A phrase that you said struck me, on the atmosphere – that it doesn’t help Roma?”

(Crazy headbutting ensues)

“Who sent you?,” Spalletti demands. “Tell me who sent you! Tell why you have come!”

“What do you mean by ‘atmosphere’? What do you mean? You want to return to the same old story that we don’t work here. We work very well here!”


It seemed like a harmless question to us…but the Serie A boss was fuming!

We reckon the this reporter will think twice before asking his next question to the Roma boss.

Check out some more angry managers below:

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