WATCH: West Ham striker Andy Carroll is held at gunpoint in shocking attack after training

By Alex Taylor

Football can be a risky game.

Several players have broken arms and legs in matches, while others regularly pull muscles and damage tendons.

Fighting fit: Bilic urged Carroll to dedicate himself to his career

Fighting fit: Injured Carroll held at gunpoint after training

Being a top-flight footballer isn’t all large paycheques and celebrity parties, it can be dangergous too!

But you don’t need to tell Andy Carroll that after the week he’s had.

Check this out:

We couldn’t believe it either, Carroll was held at gunpoint!?

We know he’s not the best striker in the world, but this is a bit far isn’t it?

The former Liverpool forward has been out injured for much of this season and this will be the last thing he needs.

Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty messed up thing to happen. Let’s hope the police sort it out quickly!

To see Carroll in action, have a look at this:

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