World Cup winner reveals out of hand prank on star player caused Old Trafford fire!

By Alex Taylor

Putting cling film over the toilet seat and a bucket of water above the door are both classic pranks – but what about setting your mates trainers on fire?

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Well, it turns out that in the Manchester United dressing room, that sort of gag was completely normal!

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Pique tells of United pranks

Former United ace Gerard Pique has revealed just how mental the Old Trafford changing rooms were back in his day.

“Evra one day came into the changing rooms wearing some Nike trainers that he’d ordered four months before,” Pique said. “With the name of his kids embroidered on them. Very shiny.

“When he went for a shower, they took them and burnt them.

“What’s more, they recorded it and they sent him the video. This was the level [of practical jokes] at United.

“I recognise that they were pretty strong but in an English changing room it was something normal.”

Evra was a brilliant player at United, so we hope he took the jokes well!

Makes you wonder where Sir Alex Ferguson was through all of this, can’t imagine him being too pleased at seeing a fire break-out in a room full of his star players!

Then again, maybe it kept them on their toes!

Despite the prank, Evra must be one of the happiest people going! Check this out:

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