Chris Sutton delivers verdict after attack on Rangers No2 McAllister

Chris Sutton has slammed the unprovoked attack on Rangers assistant manager Gary McAllister as “disgraceful”.

The Celtic legend and high-profile pundit took to his personal Twitter account to express his verdict on McAllister requiring hospital treatment after being battered in a street in Leeds while waiting for a taxi with his wife.

McAllister, 53, is said to have been punched in the face by a thug and left requiring 10 stitches in his top lip. Haley was also hurt as she tried to pull the attacker off her husband.

Football Insider verdict:

Sutton is spot-on about this seemingly unprovoked attack on McAllister. A number of recent troubling on-pitch fan attacks – Rangers ace James Tavernier and Aston Villa playmaker Jack Grealish have been on the receiving end – has put football in the spotlight amid question marks over whether more needs to be done to curb violence from those who watch the game and those involved in it. Are these one-offs that cast everyone who follows the game we love in a bad light, or symptomatic of a deeper malaise? The copycat nature of these attacks suggests a wider issue, as the players and those on elite-clubs’ payrolls become further detached from those who pay to watch their side. But that provides no excuse for this disgraceful thuggery. It is violence, pure and simple, and poor McAllister should be able to walk around in his own city without fear of being attacked.

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