By Keith Hackett

31st Oct, 2022 | 12:44pm

Ex-Fifa official backs Premier League investigation after analysing Lucas Moura controversy at Tottenham

Keith Hackett has claimed the Premier League will launch an investigation into Lucas Moura’s altercation with a ballboy as Tottenham beat Bournemouth 3-2 on Saturday (29 October).

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee admitted Moura’s tussle with the youngster was “not good for the image of the game”.

The Telegraph reported after the game that the ballboy held onto the ball when it had gone out for a Spurs throw-in.

After a tussle between the pair, a steward led the youngster away from the pitch and down the tunnel and he was visibly upset.

“I think what the authorities will do and the club will do is have a look at it, they will have a review of that particular incident,” Hackett told Football Insider‘s Connor Whitley.

“It looked to me as if the ballboy didn’t want to release the ball. I didn’t quite understand what it was all about, to be honest, it was all a bit of a nonsense.

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“Clubs have got to be very clear about the training of the ballboys and that their job is to assist and replace the ball.

“I’ve seen with the multi-ball system, there’s a cone which the ball is placed on. All the duty of the ballboy is to make sure the ball is placed on that cone.

“I just wonder if we should just review it. It’s a one-off but I would expect the competitions to just have another look because it’s not good for the image of the game.

“The player wants to get on with the game and is frustrated by what is happening and you don’t want to put players in that situation either.

“It’s very rare but it’s happened so you’ve got to deal with it.”

In other news, Tottenham are ready to sell a 26-year-old in January and £18million will seal the deal.