High excitement: The Liverpool players are confident Jurgen Klopp can turnaround team's fortunes

By Merseyside correspondent Coral Barry
Jurgen Klopp outlined his expectations of the Liverpool players today as he prepared to oversee his first match as the club’s manager.
The German revealed he wants his team to show “bravery” and have “more fun” on the pitch than what they experienced under previous boss Brendan Rodgers.
Klopp also spoke of his frustration at the intrusive media attention he has received in the city following his appointment a week ago.
Klopp takes his Liverpool team to Tottenham on Saturday for an eagerly anticipated lunchtime Premier League clash.
Outlining his vision today, he said: “I want to see more bravery, more fun in their eyes.
“All these guys can play their best football. That is why they are here. We have to play like our best dream.
I want to see that they like what they do. I saw it this week.
“We’ve had three excellent training sessions. The boys are willing to listen. It’s not the time to change many things.
“It’s time to just turn the screws a little bit in the right ways.”
Klopp, whose delivery was more understated than in his opening media conference last Friday, said he has a clear vision on how he wants the team to set up.
“I know how I want to play. At the end it is only football. Now we have to open our chests, run and fight and shoot.
“We have to restart. I only think about what we have to do to be stable in a game.
“To close all the doors. We need to very active.”
Klopp was less enamoured at being the centre of attention since moving to Liverpool.

Handover: Jurgen Klopp has replaced Brendan Rodgers as Liverpool boss
Handover: Jurgen Klopp has replaced Brendan Rodgers as Liverpool boss

Asked if he was feeling the love of the city, he replied: “Yes. But Twitter is more than in Germany. It looks like I’m always in restaurants and bars.
“Everybody tells me this will cool down in the next few weeks.
“Yesterday I was at dinner with my two assistants and someone asked for a photo. I had to say no. Every photo ends up on Twitter.”