By Emma Sanders

Hillary Clinton was pictured in a pub popular with Arsenal fans in Miami over the weekend, and fans have taken to Twitter to jokingly welcome her to the Gunners fold.

The US presidential candidate was spotted in the pub, which is draped in Arsenal flags and scarves, after a picture was posted on Twitter by an Arsenal fan.

Clinton could be the most surprising Arsenal fan on the planet as the Democratic candidate was seen speaking with fans in the Fado Irish pub.

The former Secretary of State has been campaigning for her presidential election in Florida in recent weeks and it could just be a coincidence she found herself in a pub full of Arsenal supporters.

However, fans have reacted with amusement at the possibility that Clinton could be an Arsenal fan herself and have offered their support in the Presidential election.

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Clinton isn’t the only politician to pledge their allegiance to Arsenal, with Britain’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also a well-known Gooner.

Corbyn has been spotted at a number of Arsenal matches but he is yet to have a picture taken at the Miami supporters’ club.

Here is a selection of messages from fans on Twitter:

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