The knock-on effect of the now-shelved European Super League may have provided Rangers with “massive” matchday income. 

That is according to finance guru and Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively after the ESL’s implosion after just three days.

The plan provoked a venomous reaction from fans worldwide, causing 10 of the original 12 ‘founder members’ to drop out.

Its critics argued that the closed-shop nature of the competition would have dire consequences for teams on lower rungs of the footballing ladder.

But Maguire explained that the ESL would have been a double-edged sword for Rangers whose income would soar in some areas and plummet in others.

“There would have been plusses and minuses,” he told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams.

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“The Champions League would still take place and it would certainly increase the chances of smaller clubs in that competition.

“It would also always be certain that Scotland would have one or two clubs in the group stages.

“Such is the devotion of Rangers fans, they would still sell out every game. So their matchday takings could actually be pretty massive.

“They could potentially make more progress in the tournament than they do presently. That’s because they’re not competing with the 15 or 20 clubs who’ve gone to the franchise league.

“The big issue, however, would have been in terms of Uefa selling the TV rights.

“The Champions League is a midweek tournament and the franchise league was set to be a midweek tournament as well. And you’ve only got one pair of eyes.

“My big concern there would be that the value of Uefa’s rights would be significantly reduced.

“So they might get more money from matchday but less from broadcasting.”

The impact of the ESL has been far-reaching, bringing into question the structure of the domestic game.

The Sun report that talks have been held over Rangers and Celtic joining an all-British league system.

In other news, Rangers close to agreeing £4.5million new deal.