SkyBet: Bookmaker Review & Free Bet

Football Insider’s review of the SkyBet football betting site, including a free bet offer

SkyBet used to be part of Sky TV but they are now a separate company. But this change hasn’t effected their credibility or trustworthiness. We’d happily bet with SkyBet as they are massively into football and they have the excellent SkyBet android app. You can be confident that SkyBet is a good company to bet with.


Football Insider rating = 4.9 out of 5 

Why bet with SkyBet? Who should join SkyBet? Exclusive sign up offer Open your account
  • Official partner of the Football League so they must be good!
  • With Sky Bet’s Price Boost, you can now regularly enjoy enhanced odds on selected football betting markets.
  • Very quick with odds for breaking news events, such as when a manager has been sacked and speculation is rife on who will be the new man in the job.
  • SkyBet reward loyalty with their Free Bet Club – open to new and existing customers. The Free Bet Club gives Sky Bet customers a £5 matched bet each week, provided you stake a £5 qualifying bet on an accumulator at odds of 5/1 or more – across any sport. You must keep betting each week to stay in the offer, otherwise you need to spend £10 on an accumulator to get back in.
  • Secure and quick one stop betting site, with one of the best layouts.


sky bet football league £50 free bet + £10 cash  register 3

Now you can read a new series chronicling the greatest-ever players at Europe’s biggest clubs, Football Insider lists the top three in the Liverpool hall of fame. Taking into account factors such as individual brilliance, impact on the team, overall achievement and staying power, we rank the outstanding performers, in reverse order.

3. Graeme Souness 1978-1984 (359 appearances):  The hard man’s hard man. Except the Scot would punch with a velvet glove. And often when the officials’ eyes were elsewhere, as Dinamo Bucharest captain Lica Movila found to his cost in the 1984 European Cup final, which ended for him with defeat and a broken jaw. A fearsome mix of spike and silk, Souness was a player of great contrasts. He could out-battle anyone on the pitch, and had the technique and ability to out-play them, too. Perhaps the only footballer who could look fierce with a perm and moustache, he was the standard-bearer of the 1980s midfield anchorman role. Imagine Claude Makelele but with passing and shooting ability, and a nasty streak. Of all the outstanding players to have worn Liverpool red, he was the one you most wanted on your side. For more information on Graeme Souness visit iTunes to download great apps

2. Steven Gerrard 1998-2015 (709 appearances): At virtually every other club, this one-club messiah would be a shoo-in for number one. But, then, Gerrard is vying with footballing royalty vying for top spot. Even aged 34 in his final season when he lost his regular starting spot for the first time in his career, the Huyton-born Kopite was still the go-to man when Liverpool were under the cosh and desperately needed a goal. The fans expected because he delivered so often. In Instanbul, Cardiff, Dortmund and on countless big stages. But Gerrard was so much more than a great goalscorer and scorer of great and important goals. He was the driving force of every Liverpool team he played in, some of them decidedly average. A complete all-rounder, he could pass, tackle, shoot and had a combination of pace and technique lacking in his international colleagues Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard. But it was not all these qualities which made him such a colossal influence. “Most importantly he gives the players around him confidence and belief,” said Zinedine Zidane in 2009.” You can’t learn that – players like him are just born with that presence.”

1. Kenny Dalglish 1978-1990 (515 appearances): It is said of the greatest footballers that they have visualised the next move in their heads before they have even received the ball. No-one encapsulated this spatial awareness and 360-degree sense of what was around him better than the No7 who did not join Liverpool until he was 26 but went on to surpass all others in his achievements for the club. Dalglish had the lot, apart from searing pace, but, for the stocky Scot, the first yard was always in his head. That was to prove more than enough. Given his playing and managerial record, and conduct in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster, Dalglish is perhaps the towering figure in Liverpool’s history.