'Just Brilliant' - Exclusive: Finance Guru wowed by Spurs amid 6-figure Leeds agreement

The decision-makers at Tottenham are “just brilliant” and are always looking for profit in everything they do.

That is according to football finance expert and new Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively after Spurs made £300,000 selling a ready-to-go playing surface to Leeds following the Yorkshire club’s recent pitch troubles.

While the sum is relatively small in the grand scheme of things (their revenue was £402.4million over the last financial year) the agreement was indicative of Spurs’ shrewd financial planning.

And Maguire believes that Spurs’ relentlessly profit-oriented approach is good news for fans yearning for success on the pitch.

He told Football Insider: “They are just brilliant. Everything they do is done with the view that the more money we bring in, the more money we can spend on the manager’s player budget, even the pitch.

“I was talking to a senior official at another Premier League club last week and he said he took his kids to see Spurs’ new stadium and they were persuaded to do the walk over the roof.

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“He told me as soon as you finish, you leave via the gift shop, just like at Disneyland. Then there’s the photographs and whatnot you have to pay for. Spurs are the closest to the Disneyfication of a football club that you can get.

“The way they do operate, with the slide-in pitch and the NFL events, everything is done to make money, which in turn boosts their chances on the pitch when the money is reinvested.”

Maguire’s fellow finance guru Swiss Ramble released figures detailing the Premier League’s best-paid directors over the 2019-20 campaign.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is second only to Manchester United’s Ed Woodward, taking home £2.95million throughout the season.

In other news, a former Spurs man has tipped three senior players to leave the club before the January transfer window closes.