Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy

Tottenham may regret sacking Jose Mourinho following the collapse of the European Super League.

That is according to finance guru Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively after Football Insider revealed that Mourinho and his staff rejected an £8million severance fee.

The 58-year-old will instead continue to receive his Spurs salary, a little over £1m per month for the next two years until he finds a new job.


Less than 12 hours prior to Mourinho’s dismissal, Spurs announced their commitment to joining the now-shelved ESL.

The controversial competition would have seen them take their place among Europe’s elite regardless of where they finish in the league this season.

Maguire suggests that this could have factored into Daniel Levy’s thought process when he decided to axe Mourinho.

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He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “While I think it was ultimately a footballing decision, the risks briefly appeared lower.

“Could Spurs have put together three or four victories in a row and all of a sudden be back in the top four? Yeah, I think they probably could.

“But equally, the thought process of Daniel Levy might have been that he’s going to be in the Super League.

“That would mean they don’t have to qualify and the top-four becomes less important.

“Getting rid of Mourinho then becomes an easier decision to make.”


This site revealed that Spurs owner Joe Lewis is actively looking to sell the club and found a 50 per cent buyer at the end of last year.

Levy blocked that deal so as to not lose power within the club but the process could accelerate given the furore surrounding the ESL.

In other news, Tottenham make contact with one of Europe’s hottest managerial prospects.