By Kieran Maguire

13th Jun, 2022 | 10:47am

Kieran Maguire: Tottenham 'running scared' as covert reason for new pact explained

Tottenham have grudgingly agreed to maintain the cap on away ticket prices because their primary focus is on diluting the contents of the fan-led review into football governance.

That is the view of finance guru Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about the Premier League-wide agreement to limit away tickets to £30.

As relayed by BBC Sport last Thursday (9 June), the cap received unanimous backing from all 20 top-flight clubs.

Spurs have some of the most expensive tickets in the league and would have been one of the main beneficiaries had the upper limit been removed.

The fan-led review was released in November last year and the Government has since begun the process of rolling out its proposals.

And Maguire argues that Spurs have likely accepted the cap on away ticket prices as they do not want to lose the PR war in their bid to fight the new structural reforms.

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“This is part of a much broader issue in that the Premier League are running scared from the recommendations of the fan-led review,” he told Football Insider.

“They have a strategy of discrediting, lobbying and diluting the contents of the reviews. If they were seen to abandon the £30 cap, there would have been a huge uproar.

“That would have given a lot of justified credibility to those saying that owners are so distant from fans that they see them as cash cows to be milked.

“This was an inevitability along with the fan boards, which are going to have next to no power.”

Tottenham expect to generate around £120million through the turnstiles in 2022-23.

They and Man United are the Premier League’s biggest matchday income generators.

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