By Kieran Maguire

3rd Oct, 2021 | 7:13pm

Kieran Maguire predicts West Brom player revolt amid £750m reveal

West Brom could have a “lot of unhappy players” on the books if they are forced to implement relegation clauses into their contracts.

So says finance guru Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about EFL chairman Rick Parry’s demands for structural change.

Speaking to The Telegraph on 25 September, Parry insists the Government must force the top-flight to surrender 25 per cent of its income to the EFL.

That cash, which equates to £750million annually, would be filtered throughout the divisions in lieu of the parachute payment system.

Albion have been relegated from the top-flight five times since 2000, and the most recent occurrence was last season.

Maguire argues that a knock-on effect of Parry’s proposed revamp could be compulsory relegation clauses, which would be bad news for the Baggies.

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He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “The problem is the gap between the Premier League and the Championship.

“If we take away that cliff face, there is no need for parachute payments.

“Rick Parry’s argument is that if you abolish parachute payments, clubs will be forced to rethink how they negotiate contracts.

“He wants relegation clauses. But it’s a bit like saying if you get rid of airbags and seatbelts in cars, it will make people think twice about speeding.

“And it probably will, but there will be deaths along the way.

“Parachute payments were introduced to reduce the risk of clubs going into administration following relegation.

“The data proves that the wage bills of clubs relegated from the Premier League fall on average by 40 per cent in the first season.

“If you abolish that, you’re going to need to cut wages by double that figure. You’re going to have a lot of unhappy players.

“If West Brom get promoted, they will struggle to sign players on the basis of relegation clauses in contracts.”

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