By Paul Robinson

20th Sep, 2022 | 10:47am

Tottenham idol 'really annoyed' as Hugo Lloris controversy analysed - 'it needs looking at'

Paul Robinson is “really annoyed” the officials demanded Youri Tielemans’ penalty be retaken against Tottenham on Saturday.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the former White Hart Lane number one said the “archaic” laws need to be looked at after the first-half incident.

As shown on Sky Sports (17 September), Leicester City were awarded a penalty after James Justin was brought down by Davinson Sanchez in the 18-yard box.

Hugo Lloris saved the resulting spot-kick from Tielemans.

However, VAR official Andre Marriner told referee Simon Hooper to order a retake because Lloris left his line before the ball was kicked.

When asked by Football Insider for his assessment of the incident, Robinson said: “It really, really annoys me.

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“The people that make up the rules have no idea about goalkeepers. You try and propel yourself sideways without making a slight forward movement. It is impossible.

“It puts the goalkeeper at such a disadvantage to keep his feet on the line until the ball is struck. The way penalties are taken these days, the way the balls move through the air, if a striker hits the ball cleanly a yard inside the post you have got no chance if you don’t move until after the ball has been kicked. You end up doing a Pete Shilton and diving after the ball has hit the back of the net.

“It is a rule that frustrates me. It is an archaic rule that needs looking at.

“I understand why the rule was brought in because some goalkeepers were coming a yard off their line.

“But when we are talking about marginal decisions like the Lloris one there needs to be some common sense. The goalkeeper needs to be given the benefit of the doubt.”

In other news, former Premier League referee has claimed Davinson Sanchez ‘lucky’ to escape punishment as Tottenham extended ban claim issued.