By Dr Dan Plumley

23rd Sep, 2022 | 8:06am

Finance guru: Arsenal could cash in from 'big' plot to relegate five Premier League clubs

Arsenal would profit financially if the Premier League drinks from 20 to 18 teams.

That is the view of finance expert Doctor Dan Plumley, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about recent remarks made by ex-Gunners vice-chairman and co-owner David Dein.

Dein, who was instrumental in the founding of the Premier League in 1992, was formally involved at the Emirates until he sold his shares in 2007.

As quoted by The Times last Friday (16 September), the 79-year-old revealed that there remains a widely held belief in boardrooms that the English top flight should be reduced to 18 teams.

This plan would see five teams relegated at the end of the last 20-team season.

Plumley explained how individual teams would fare under this model.

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We’ve done some research in this area,” the Sheffield Hallam University expert told Football Insider’s Adam Williams.

We found that you would get more competitive balance if you reduced the number of teams. But we could never quite pinpoint the number of teams that it should be.

But less than 20 would suggest more competitive balance across the league. Obviously, this has financial implications.

“You can look at it a number of ways. You can look at ticket sales. Fewer matches equals less matchday income.

But if you spin it another way and look a the broadcast pot, assuming we keep the distribution mechanism, then dividing that by 18 gives you more money than dividing by 20.

So, you would win some and lose some. But the rhetoric from some of the big clubs is that they have always wanted slightly fewer teams in that league.

That’s all well and good, but what are your reasons for wanting this? You also need to structure it in such a way that everyone below gets some equity as well. You have to make it as balanced and fair as possible.

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