By Dr Dan Plumley

8th Feb, 2022 | 8:48am

Finance guru: Arsenal can lure 'whole new generation' of fans after 'huge' deal struck

Arsenal have the opportunity to create a “new generation” of overseas fans with their partnership Extramarks

So says finance expert Doctor Dan Plumley, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about the deal with the international education specilalists.

The Gunners announced last Thursday (3 February) that Extramarks had signed as their new international learning partner.

Arsenal will provide Extramarks with the use of their “digital, social and logistical” assets to support learning opportunities.

The multi-year deal covers markets in India, South Africa, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Plumley explained how the tie-in will help the Gunners create a new generation of fans in territories ripe with commercial potential.

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“There’s evidence to back this up,” the Sheffield Hallam University expert told Football Insider‘s Adam Williams.

“Reports from market consultancy experts suggest that 16 to 24-year-olds are a concern for big clubs at the moment.

“In some ways, they feel like they have missed a generation. They have to target a whole new generation of fans.

“If you’re a club like Arsenal, you’re looking internationally to drive that.

“Education is a wider part of what football clubs do and this is a good partnership from a corporate social responsibility perspective for Arsenal.

“If you look at these territories, they are also huge markets for the Premier League.

“A lot of it is about education but a lot is about driving the next generation of fans in those countries. It’s about awareness and increasing their reach.

Arsenal posted a £54million loss in their last set of financial results, with commercial income accounting for £142.2m of their total revenue.

They are due to release their next set of accounts in the coming weeks.

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