Aston Villa will follow the Bayern Munich model and squeeze their “prawn sandwich brigade” after they expand their stadium. 

That is according to finance guru and Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively after Villa released their report for the 2019-20 financial year.

In a statement accompanying the results, the club outlined long-term plans to expand Villa Park.

Maguire previously told this site that Villa could lose out on £22million in matchday income across the pandemic-struck 2020-21 campaign.

And he insists that Villa must prioritise corporate facilities if they are serious about eating up the ground between themselves and Premier League’s elite.

He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “The issue for me is that if we take a look at their return per fan per season, they were getting on average £371 in matchday income.

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“If you compare that to Arsenal and Chelsea, they’re at £1600, Man United, Liverpool, Spurs are at £1400.

“What Villa will do as part of the expansion is make Villa Park a more attractive facility with corporate hospitality boxes.

“Of course, there will be room for more fans as well. But the aim will be to increase that average taking per fan and increase it without actually having to raise season ticket prices because the prawn sandwich brigade will deliver.

“When we talk about capacity, as much as we might loathe to give them any credit, the benefits of having good corporate facilities are clear. 

“Bayern Munich make as much from the 10 per cent of fans who sit behind the windows as they do with the other 90 per cent of tickets.”

Villa Park hosts 42,000 spectators and is the Premier League’s eighth-largest stadium.

It has been Aston Villa’s home since 1897.

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