By Ben Dinnery

7th Nov, 2021 | 4:41pm

Injury expert issues 'car crash' verdict after Raya 'second injury' at Brentford

Brentford goalkeeper David Raya’s knee injury is “unusual” in football and more commonly associated with car crashes.

So says injury expert Ben Dinnery, who runs the Premier Injuries site and has a background in medicine and data analysis.

Raya suffered a posterior cruciate ligament tear when he collided with Leicester City’s Ayoze Perez on 24 October.

Raya missed yesterday’s (6 November) defeat to Norwich City and is expected to be out of action for between four and five months.

Dinnery’s prognosis is that the Spanish shot-stopper may also be suffering from a secondary injury in his knee joint.

He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “Typically, you wouldn’t expect there to be any sort of surgical intervention.

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“They will probably treat him very conservatively. If you have a good response to conservative treatment, four to five months is realistic.

“It’s not an injury that happens very often in football. It’s one of those stabilising ligaments of the knee.

“The posterior ligament sits behind the anterior. It quite often occurs in a car crash when the knee hits the dashboard, so it is unusual in football.

“He had his knee kicked head-on by Ayoze Perez and that’s what caused the damage. We’re looking at a grade three tear based on that timeline.

“Most of these types of injury will also involve some sort of secondary injury as well. That could be damage to the cartilage.

“Unlike the ACL, you don’t have the same issues with the instability of the knee. It isn’t as weak or unresponsive, you keep that stability within the joint.

“He’ll be wearing a knee brace and hopefully he’ll come through that recovery without any problems.”

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