Stan Kroenke “does not care about Arsenal football club” and an apology would fall on deaf ears, according to Kevin Campbell.

The former Gunners striker, speaking exclusively to Football Insider, said he would “be happy” if the 73-year-old sold his controlling share but fears it will not happen.

Kroenke was one of six Premier League owners who attempted to take their club into a European Super League, only to withdraw last night off the back of pressure from fans, players, managers and the press.

Liverpool owner John Henry has since surprisingly offered a grovelling apology in a video to his club, while Joel Glazer addressed his mistake to Manchester United in the form of an open letter.

A similar open letter was posted on Arsenal’s website last night but it was attributed to the club’s board, rather than Kroenke himself.

When asked if the Gunners’ owner should apologise to fans himself, Campbell told Football Insider: “It would definitely help if Kroenke did an apology like Henry.

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“However, I think the ship has sailed with Kroenke. I do not think he can get the fans back onside. Nobody is going to listen to him, especially not our fanbase.

“When he had a chance to speak he stayed silent. I cannot see an apology making any real difference to be honest.

“I wanted Kroenke out before this because for me, he does not care about Arsenal football club. I am a fan and he does not care about Arsenal in the same way that I do.

“But whether I like it or not he is the owner of our football club. If he could sell it tomorrow I would be happy but will it happen?”

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