Kevin Campbell refused to criticise Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for his alleged breach of lockdown rules.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the former Gunners and Everton striker is adamant that the 31-year-old did no wrong and described the incident as “trivial stuff”.

Sky Sports report that Arsenal will speak to striker to their star striker regarding a video which appeared on Instagram on 10 February showing him getting a tattoo.

The government’s Covid-19 regulations state that tattoo shops must remain closed during the pandemic.

On the pitch, Aubameyang was back to his best over on Sunday – he scored a hat-trick in a 4-2 win over Leeds United.

When asked for his initial thoughts on Aubameyang’s alleged lockdown breach, Campbell told Football Insider: “Listen, it is about a tattoo.

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“I do not think anybody can be talking about Covid breaches when the government are doing it themselves.

“They will have a word with him but come on, this is trivial stuff. It is trivial for me anyway.

“I do not see the problem with him getting a tattoo. People getting a haircut, people seeing close family members – what is the problem? I do not get it. 

“Some people are following the rules strictly, some aren’t, the government aren’t following it – what is the problem?

“He wanted to get a tattoo. I am not going to haul him over the coals for getting a tattoo. If he was mingling with 10 other people, I could understand that, but it is a tattoo.”

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