Kevin Campbell fears Stan Kroenke will ignore fan protests and refuse to sell Arsenal.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the former Gunners striker said the 73-year-old fought hard to acquire complete ownership of the club from Alisher Usmanov in 2018 and will therefore be very reluctant to sell.

Pressure is growing on Kroenke to sell the club after his deeply unpopular decision to try and sign Arsenal up to the European Super League.

A fan protest has been organised prior to Friday night’s Premier League game against Everton at the Emirates.

However, Campbell suggested the protest would have little influence on Kroenke.

“The protests will not force Kroenke into selling,” he told Football Insider‘s Dylan Childs.

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“He has too much money invested in Arsenal football club. He has grafted hard to get ownership of the club so will he sell it? It was him and Usmanov and he bought out Usmanov’s share to take full control of the football club.

“I understand the fans aren’t happy and the protests will clearly demonstrate this but Kroenke will not even be in the country. He will be in America.

“It is needed because the fans feel very strongly about this but if you are Stan Kroenke, does it effect you? No. It doesn’t effect him. That is the bottom line.” 

Mikel Arteta revealed on Thursday that Kroenke apologised to him about the proposed move to the European Super League and his handling of the situation.

When asked by Sky Sports if he had received an apology, Arteta said: “Yes, absolutely.”

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