By Emma Sanders

Jamie Carragher made a dig at Jose Mourinho’s housing arrangements in reply to a tweet from Phil Neville boasting that Manchester was “red” following Wednesday’s derby triumph.

The Liverpool legend made reference to Mourinho after the Manchester United manager revealed he was unhappy living in his new city.

Mourinho told the Telegraph it was a disaster living in a hotel in Manchester because he is constantly surrounded by paparazzi.

Neville was pleased with United’s 1-0 derby victory against Manchester City on Wednesday evening, as he claimed his former club had painted the city in their red colours.

In typical Carragher fashion, the Sky Sports pundit used the opportunity to make a dig at Mourniho’s living arrangements.

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The former Chelsea boss spoke of his frustration at being locked up in his hotel room because he was unable to go for walks in the nearby area.

“For me, it is a bit of a disaster because I want to sometimes to walk a little bit and I can’t. I just want to cross the bridge and go to a restaurant,” said Mourinho.

“I can’t, so it is really bad. But I have my apps and I can ask for food to also be delivered.”

The Portuguese boss also explained his family were settled in London, after he spent three years with Chelsea during a second spell with the club.

He did not wish for his children to have to move schools and resettle but is clearly unimpressed with life in Manchester so far.

Carragher usually has humourous Twitter spats with Sky Sports colleague, Gary Neville but it seems this time he took the opportunity to play comedian with his younger brother.

In other Liverpool news, James Milner has been pictured playing against the Reds at Anfield for Leeds over a decade ago.