Celtic are less reliant on matchday income than Rangers but could see that £15million advantage disappear next season. 

That is according to finance guru and Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusivley with Celtic guarenteed to finish in 2nd place in the Scottish Premiership in 2020-21.

That means they will enter next season’s Champions League in the second qualifying round, one tie earlier than champions Rangers.

That two-legged affair will take place in July and could be pivotal in the financial tug of war between the Glasgow sides.

Maguire previously told this site that over 60 per cent of Rangers’ total income comes from matchdays.

The spreadsheet expert explains that Celtic are less dependent on stadium revenue but that European football is key to this advantage.

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“Their matchday income is around £40m in a non-Covid season” he told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams.

“It has been well into the £45-50m bracket in previous seasons when they were in Europe. That’s £10m or £15m more than Rangers got from matchday in 2019-20.

“Celtic’s matchday is over 40 per cent of their total revenue, which is crazy when you compare it to clubs like Burnley in the Premier League who are at just four per cent

“They’ve had a couple of years in the Champions League and Europa League. So they have had more money coming in from other sources than Rangers.

“Celtic have also had higher revenues from commercial partners as a result.”

Rangers beat Celtic 2-0 in the Scottish Cup fourth round on Sunday.

That result effectively ends the Hoops’ season with the team out of the running in every competition.

In other news, three senior Celtic men set to leave the club this week.