By Dr Dan Plumley

18th Nov, 2022 | 1:09pm

Chelsea could land '£110m-a-year' jackpot as Todd Boehly pushes through game-changing development - expert

Chelsea could gain £110million-a year from matchday income if they move to a new stadium.

That is the view of finance expert Doctor Dan Plumley, speaking exclusively to Football Insider as Chelsea explore the idea of moving away from Stamford Bridge.

The Daily Mail reported last week (12 November) that the club have drafted a team to oversee plans for a new elite stadium.

One option is a 60,000-seat ground in a 40-acre site in Earls Court, which has been mooted since early in Roman Abramovich’s reign.

“In terms of the finances, it would bring a significant revenue boost,” Plumley told Football Insider‘s Connor Whitley.

“That’s what everyone is targeting. The big six clubs, in particular, know they need to keep pushing with this because they know they can fill these stadiums. A lot are targeting expansions.

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“Historically, Man United and Arsenal have led the way for this but now Spurs are the new benchmark. Those clubs generate anything between £95million and £110million each from matchday income. That’s your ballpark.

“Chelsea’s was hovering between £65million and £70million pre-pandemic. That’s the gap you would be looking to close. They’ve got some catching up to do with United, Arsenal and Spurs in particular.

“In terms of how realistic it is, I would say it’s more realistic with the change in ownership structure. There is money there that’s been ringfenced for that.

“It’s tricky in terms of location because London is prime real estate so there’s a battle to deal with there.

“We know it’s been difficult for them to redevelop Stamford Bridge partly because of that.

“The location is not easy and there would be a battleground there but the club will keep pushing it because of the gains they need to make in revenue and matchday income to match other clubs that are stretching away from them.”

In other news, Liverpool will “try everything” to sign Mason Mount after a talks update.