By Kieran Maguire

18th Jun, 2021 | 12:48pm

Kieran Maguire delivers verdict on Usmanov and Moshiri ambition amid 'significant' Everton stadium development

Severe delays to the construction of the new Everton stadium will have a dramatic impact on the club’s ability to recruit players.

That is according to finance guru and Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively as work begins on the Bramley-Moore Dock development.

The Liverpool Echo released the first images of preliminary work on the site on 12th June.

The 52,000-capacity waterside arena is slated to open its doors in 2024 and provide the Toffees with an enormous matchday revenue hike.

But Maguire warns that significant delays could have a detrimental impact on the club’s cash flow and ability to recruit players.

He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “A one year delay is a minor irritant. If it was anything more than that then it would have an impact.

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“Everton do have significant financial fair play challenges but they are not insurmountable.

“They have taken steps to get people off the wage bill and also will have received compensation for Ancelotti moving on. So there are positives in terms of Everton’s short-term cash flow.

“But there’s no doubt that Moshiri and Usmanov are ambitious when they are trying to recruit players.

“Over the course of the next two to three years, this stadium will be one of the things they will be using to sell the club to players. So it could have an effect if you look at it that way as well.

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, one of the most significant UK stadium constructions in recent years, was delayed by well over a year.

Wembley Stadium was originally slated to open in 2003 but was delayed by four years due to numerous legal and logistical hurdles.

In other news, Rafa Benitez gives blessing for Everton to make first marquee signing of his reign.