Celtic benefitted from major injustice as McGregor footage analysed

By Keith Hackett

9th May, 2022 | 12:03pm

Ex-Fifa official: Celtic in major injustice as controversial Callum McGregor footage analysed

Celtic should have had their equalising goal in the 4-1 win over Hearts on Saturday (7 May) disallowed for a foul in the build up by Callum McGregor, according to Keith Hackett.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Premier League and Fifa referee claimed Daizen Maeda’s goal would have been chalked off if VAR was in operation.

As shown on the BBC’s Sportscene programme, McGregor won the ball from Toby Sibbick before launching a counter-attack that was finished by Maeda.

Robbie Nielson told Sky Sports after the game that the 28-year-old’s challenge was “100 per cent” a free-kick.

“That’s a foul,” Hackett said after analysing the footage with Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“He’s stuck a leg out, tripped him up and that’s a foul. The referee has missed it.

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“Hearts have a case. In reality, it’s a foul missed by the referee and of course, there’s no VAR.

“This is where next season it will change. They would still go back on this one because the foul has impacted on the outcome of the game. They were on the attack so it’s changed the shape of the game.

“I don’t have an issue on how far they go back. I don’t think there is a lot of play or time. It’s a foul, they were on the attack and the direction of play has changed so it’s impacted on the game.

“For me, that’s a clear and obvious error so VAR reviews. Next season VAR will come in on that and check that automatically.”

In other news, Kieran Maguire has revealed Celtic could now smash a £100m record and ‘they’ll be joyous in the boardroom’.