By Keith Hackett

19th Sep, 2022 | 11:29am

Ex-Fifa official: 'Media problem' exposed as BBC's Gabriel Martinelli footage emerges from Arsenal

David Coote needs to work on his hand signals after many thought he had awarded Brentford a penalty in their 3-0 loss to Arsenal on Sunday (18 September), according to Keith Hackett.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee claimed Coote’s body language when he gave Brentford a free-kick for a foul by Gabriel Martinelli exposed a “media problem”.

As shown on the BBC’s Match of the Day 2 programme, the referee blew up for a foul by Martinelli on Ben Mee just outside the penalty area.

However, commentator Jonathan Pearce and some in the ground thought he had pointed to the spot for an offence in the box.

“There’s clearly a foul outside the penalty area,” Hackett said after analysing the footage with Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“Coote’s communication, he needs to have a look at it because he left people in doubt.

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“In fairness, and I’m not being clever here, when I saw it I thought it was a free-kick outside the penalty area and not a penalty kick. I’m not confused by what he’s done, as a referee I’ve seen the foul. That decision is absolutely spot on.

“Where I think there’s confusion is the commentator thins it’s a penalty kick because of the position of the referee’s arm. He’s aiming it towards the penalty mark.

“I can understand the confusion, I don’t think there was any confusion in the referee’s mind. On the pitch, he can shout that’s a free-kick.

“I think this is more a media problem. The referee can actually learn, have a look at the video, and see how you can improve your signals in that situation.

“What he could have done is, blown for the free-kick, ran to the point, and pointed downwards because he was close to it.

“Everybody knew the direction of the free-kick but it looked like he was pointing to the penalty mark, it gave the suspicion.

“It’s his hand signals, that he’s normally good at, that have confused on this occasion.”

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