By Keith Hackett

13th Dec, 2021 | 5:25pm

Ex-Premier League referee hits out at 'poor officiating' after analysing Jimenez-Wolves footage against Man City

John Moss had no choice but to issue Raul Jimenez a second yellow card when he tried to stop Man City taking a free-kick in their 1-0 win over Wolves, according to Keith Hackett.

But the ex-Fifa and Premier League referee, speaking exclusively to Football Insider insisted Moss should have managed the situation better as it was “avoidable”.

Jimenez was shown his first booking for a foul on Rodri in the centre circle before being shown a second yellow 38 seconds later when he stopped Man City from taking their free kick.

As quoted by BBC Sport after the game, Bruno Lage labelled the first yellow card as a “crazy decision”.

He will now be without his star striker for the trip to Brighton & Hove Albion (15 December) as he serves a one match ban.

“Jimenez left him no option but frankly I thought it was a poor piece of officiating,” Hackett said after analysing the footage with Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

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“He’s given him a yellow card and he can see that the player is frustrated and upset because he feels he should have had a foul earlier. At that time, you don’t jump in.

“He didn’t manage the restart and that is easily part of the referee’s process. We’re talking about positioning the ball, making sure the wall’s away.

“If they want to take a free-kick, intervene. You could see what was happening and what the outcome would be. Jimenez receives a second yellow.

“It could have all been avoided with a bit of management at the right time.

“When it happened, OK, Moss has shown the courage to issue that second yellow. But I still think that, on balance, it could have been avoided.

“When he does the action he has no option but to show the second yellow card but what I’m saying is, referees are in the preventative game.

“He’s given a yellow card, manage the free-kick, even though they wanted to take it quickly, he could see what was happening. He could see the potential problem because the player was still around the ball. Get him away. It was all avoidable.”

In other news, Leicester City have set their sights on signing a Wolves star in January.